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The 4 Pillars

Your Talent is Valued and Appreciated!

The 3 Pillars

The 4 Pillars structure (Community Service + Entrepreneur Circle + Alumni Engagement + Career Advancement) will be introduced for the future development of alumni association. We welcome our fellow members and alumni to engage in and have fun from the 4-Pillar activities offered together by us!

Community Service Team

Community Service Team (CST)

As active volunteers in social services, HKUST alumni are renowned for their strong support to the community for the needed. Our highlighted caring projects on queue include services for youth, underprivileged, elderly and environmental protection. A1 has set up a strong A1 voluntary service team with over 200 devoted alumni members to carry out all these caring campaigns!

We believe that a healthy and harmonious community will be created for our next generation through the effort of A1 alumni! Your devoted participation will highly be treasured! The support of your friends, family members including children are also welcome!

Please join A1 CST today!

Entrepreneur Cirlce Team

Entrepreneur Circle Team (ECT)

HKUST entrepreneurs, who own successful business in various industries such as IT, Engineering, Scientific Consulting, Education, have always been the center of attraction. Entrepreneur Circle (EC) is setup to allow members share their entrepreneurial skills and valuable experience on corporate management, financial understanding and overseas business expansion with each other.

In light of our mission “Alumni Inspire Alumni”, A1 EC founding members will share their unique secret of success during regular entrepreneur gatherings. Alumni who are start-up owners or entrepreneur-to-be are welcome to join us.

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Alumni Engagement Team

Alumni Engagement Team (AET)

You are cordially invited to all forthcoming Alumni Engagement events! Activities such as professional networking, theme events and special interest group gatherings will be arranged throughout the year to brighten up your life! Our theme events emphasize career development, personal growth, relationship building and community understanding.

Networking Parties

A1 networking parties are here to enlarge your social circle! You will be able to build your network with top business leaders and stay in touch with people from all walks of life! In the coming years, we will hold networking parties with different local and overseas business organizations and other universities’ alumni associations. This will not only broaden your horizon but also provide a positive impact on career and business development.

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Thematic Events

Work is not all of life. How to get yourself a better work-life balance? It is as easy as joining A1 theme events! Our thematic events include:

- Lifestyle enrichment activities such as series of wine-tasting, golf-practicing & cuisine cooking classes delivered by veteran professionals;

- Leadership seminars given by public figures, CEOs of enterprises and competent industrialists;

- Personal development workshops offered by psychological practitioners, image building experts and PR professionals.

Thematic events are there to give you insights on developing a holistic life! If you feel stressed about the bustle of city, it is time to say goodbye to pressure and look for ways to sparkle your life!

Sign up and keep your eyes opened for the series of A1 thematic events!

Special Interest Group (SIG)

What a joy it is to make friends with the same interest! Special interest group (SIG) is a group of alumni members with shared interest. SIG will be led and anchored by experts related to the special interest!

Examples of A1 SIGs are:

- Pets group for caring pet owners,

- Parental group for parents with lovely children and parents-to-be,

- Sports group like hiking, cycling, running, etc,

- Photography group for portrait & landscape shooting lovers

- More are coming!

Through the events, you will be able to connect with like-minded alumni while doing something you like. You can also work together with those enthusiasts who share common interest with you to advance your knowledge and skills!

Interested? We can’t wait to see you at our next SIG-hosted event!

Career Advancement Team (CAT)

Career Advancement Team (CAT)

Do you know HKUST graduates are the 13th most popular employees worldwide?*

In terms of employment popularity, we are the No. 1 in Greater China and No. 2 in Asia.

The A1 Career Advancement team empowers alumni to translate their academic foundation–regardless of major or background–into professional success. Through thematic activities, alumni networking connections, and opportunities to put a top tier education into practice, gain the skills, knowledge and connections you need to embark on a successful future.

Let us help you aim for a better career – join our big family today!

*Source from SCMP on 20 November 2016, title "Building on 25 years of Excellence: HKUST Celebrates 24th Congregation"